A series of workshops exploring the creative practice of InterPlay®

InterPlay: A Creative Practice For Our Times - March Series

An InterPlay Workshop Series in Edinburgh, Scotland, 6–11 March, 2012
Caroline Kisiel

Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Thursday through Sunday, March 6 - 11, 2012

You are invited to participate in a series of workshops exploring the creative practice of InterPlay® - a movement, storytelling, voice and community-building practice with a focus on ease, connection, reflection and play.

Download a pdf brochure with detailed descriptions of all of the workshops!


Tuesday, 6 March

Introducing InterPlay: A Creative Practice For Our Times
Same workshop, two separate times and locations!
• 10am–12pm (venue tbc)
• 5–6:30pm Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 3UU

Wednesday, 7 March

Introducing InterPlay: Ease Into Connection and Community
7–9pm St James's Church Hall, Rosefield Place, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15

Thursday, 8 March

InterPlay: Having Movement, Stillness and Contact
10am–12pm Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh EH9

InterPlay: Having Our Words and Our Voice
2–4pm Gillis Centre

Saturday, 10 March

InterPlay for Performance, Part 1: Embodied Expression for Storytelling & Presenting
10–1pm (venue tbc)

InterPlay for Performance, Part 2: Easing Into Performance
For those who wish to participate in the evening performance
2–5pm (venue tbc)

An Evening of Shared Storytelling and Movement
7–9pm (venue tbc) (InterPlay performance)

Sunday, 11 March

On Behalf of InterPlay: Celebration and Stillness
For participants of any of the week’s workshops
1:30–4pm St James's Church Hall, Rosefield Place, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15

Download a pdf brochure with detailed descriptions of all of the workshops!

Cost: 1 workshop: £20/ 2 workshops: £35/ 3 workshops: £50/ 4 workshops: £65/ 5 workshops: £80/ Entire March series: £100/ Concessions available

Registration/Information: To register: go to the website listed under venue. For more information: contact Mairi Campbell - email on website/07988 894 334.


Various venues

Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland,
Please note that the March, April & May series of events in Scotland will be held at various locations. Check individual listings for exact location.
Caroline Kisiel
Caroline Kisiel is a Certified InterPlay Leader and an Assistant Professor in DePaul University’s School for New Learning, where she guides adult students in the arenas of creativity, travel and values, writing, research, and study abroad opportunities. For 15+ years she has been an InterPlay practitioner as well as an educator in the training and development field, specializing in applying principles of creativity and InterPlay to workplace relationships and culture, diversity concerns, teambuilding, leadership, organizational change, and presentation skills, in both onsite and online settings. While living in the UK from 2003-2008 she facilitated an ongoing InterPlay workshop for graduate students, and she has since offered InterPlay workshops in a variety of settings in the UK when she travels there. Caroline has done master’s work in interdisciplinary arts, humanities and cultural studies, and PhD work in travel literature. She is interested in how InterPlay can create more easy focus in academia, and loves how the magic of InterPlay can help others to unlock their own stories and make connections – both live and online – with contact and ease.

Currently the regional contact for the UK, Caroline is involved in the Chicago InterPlay community, as well as the Long Distance Life Practice Program - but/and/also! - is committed to seeding and supporting the growing InterPlay leadership in the UK. She welcomes inquiries about UK InterPlay activities and InterPlayers, and would be happy to add you to her Anglo-American InterPlay email list (being Anglo or American not required).

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