Finding Life Wisdom Through InterPlay

Becky Myrick

Freeland , WA

Sept 24, October 1, October 8, 12:15- 2 pm (or come with your own lunch at 11:45)

Interplay is a practice that unlocks the wisdom of the body. Transforming, community building, powerful, fun! We will dance in new ways with ease, tell our stories, find our voice, and claim stillness within, all in small steps but big affirmation.. Of course, play is a powerful door into discovering who you are, and how to connect with others.

Everyone is welcome!

Cost: By Donation



Unitarian Universalist Church of Whidbey Island

20103 Hwy 525
Freeland , WA
Becky Myrick
I am a long-time InterPlayer (over 20 years). My upbringing was in South Africa. I have a love for lively African music and movement. I love to teach InterPlay combined with energy healing practices. I also offer individual sessions and retreats. Each person I work with amazes me with their ability to expand and grow in love, joy and life purpose!

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