Consider a Legacy Gift to InterPlay!

What if you could keep dancing after your last dance?!?

An estate gift helps to sustain and spread InterPlay after your lifetime.

Planning a gift through your estate can be a fun and creative process. Itís an opportunity for you and your loved ones to discuss the values that mean the most to you, and to think of how you might like to support those causes after your death.

Body Wisdom, Inc. can accept estate gifts of many types:


What are the benefits of making an estate gift to Body Wisdom, Inc.?

InterPlay Legacy Circle Membership

Our Legacy Circle honors those special supporters who have made a gift through their will or other planned gift to Body Wisdom.

As a Legacy Circle member you will receive:

Please let us know when you have included us in your future planning.

Adding a Bequest to Your Will

Adding a bequest gift to your will is a very simple step. Here is some sample language:

“I, [name], hereby give, devise, and bequeath to Body Wisdom, Inc., a non-profit corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of California, and with the current business address of 2273 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94612, [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] to be used in furtherance of its exempt charitable purposes.”

And designating Body Wisdom, Inc. as a beneficiary of memorial gifts extends your legacy and lovingly acknowledges what InterPlay has meant to you.

Getting More Information

If you would like to discuss possible estate giving ideas, you can contact InterPlay at 510-465-2797 or

Let us know when you have made a Legacy Gift to Body Wisdom by filling out this form...

These pages are intended to provide general information, not legal or tax advice. We recommend consulting with your attorney or financial advisor about your individual circumstances.

Legacy Circle Memorial page

We have launched the Legacy Circle memorial page. It is a place to celebrate and memorialize the web of stories, songs and dances that we have shared with Legacy Circle InterPlayers who have passed away. View Legacy Circle Memorial page.

Here is What Legacy Circle Members are Saying About Their Support of InterPlay

"I believe that InterPlay is life changing on a personal level and can change the world."

"I want to support the InterPlay community as it has supported me."

"Whatever I can do for Interplay i will always do because the work of Cynthia and Phil has changed my life in remarkable ways. As I am able to do more I will endeavor to do so happily!"

"To insure that the legacy of InterPlay continues well into the future providing solace, community, and transformation. Also, that the ethic of play remains a vital role in the well being of human development."

"When I walked across the street and first met you and Phil I knew you were special and then when I saw the first Wing It performance I was so excited and when we meet for the first InterPlay retreat and it was mentioned that we could support your work, I knew I had to be part of this. I have gained so much from InterPlay that

I just want to give back."

"I want to honor Body Wisdom with this gift due to the simple fact that since 1999 InterPlay has been the arena that has seen me, heard me and invited me in. I have learned to use InterPlay tools around those 3 things as part of my spiritual practice. This in part has unapologetically made me the person I am today and enabled me to be a demonstration in my daily walk to listen, share and invite others into the circle. I am grateful."