Movement, Stillness and Rest

Movement Meditation for Women of Color

Time to simply be as we are
Kelsey Blackwell


2nd Thursday of Every Month

Meditation and movement practices are important all the time but especially when we're under stress. In connecting to ourselves we open possibilities for sensing and feeling. This listening connects us to "more of ourselves" and supports taking actions from deeper knowing.

What will we do?

During this 60-minute virtual gathering, I'll lead us through a centering practice and a guided movement practice. We'll then move our bodies as we feel for a song or two and then have time for optional sharing.

Who is it for?

While we all need spaces where we can be and rest, those who are marginalized particularly need this support. For this reason, I offer this space specifically for women of color. Come as you are -- pajamas, unshowered, bedhead, we're all in this together. Also know, this gathering welcomes all children and pets -- especially if including the family is the only way to get a moment for yourself.

Is There A Cost?

Nope. This gathering is my gift to the community I support. If you’d like to make an offering to support my work, that can be done via PayPal

Cost: FREE



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Kelsey Blackwell
Kelsey Blackwell (she/her) is the author of , Decolonizing the Body: Healing, Body-Centered Practices for Women of Color to Reclaim Confidence, Dignity & Self Worth (New Harbinger 2023). As a somatic practitioner, ritualist and numerologist her work weaves spiritual and embodied practices for anchoring in our inherent “enoughness” and healing intergenerational wounds. In addition to being transformative, Kelsey believes walking towards liberation must also bring joy. She lives in San Francisco, CA, the land of the Ohlone Ramaytush.

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