Finding our voice with a doll, or puppet, or sock or your hand. See description.

Open Gathering

Saturday May 22nd 10AM to Noon EST. All are Welcome
Douglass Farnum and Mike Perz


Every 4th Saturday 10am to noon EST

Bring a stuffed animal, or hand puppet, or doll, or a sock, or a paper bag or a shoe or a boot or other, to do interplay forms. Emphasis on fun. This Open Gathering is meeting by Zoom every 4th Saturday of the month. Zoom link:

Cost: $10 (or make check payable to InterPlay DC and mail to Peter Kent, 6827 4th St NW #219, Washington DC 20012)



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Douglass Farnum
Since retiring, play deprived Douglass works hard at doing nothing. He finds that interplay feeds his inner growth and complements his meditation and Non Violent Communication (NVC) practices. After 10 years of dabbling in interplay Doug recently became an interplay leader.
Mike Perz
Mike is a certified InterPlay leader and leads regularly for the InterPlay DC Open Gatherings. Currently he is leading InterPlay on Zoom. He also performs on an improv comedy team at Dojo Comedy. He has been incorporating/adapting improv comedy exercises into InterPlay forms and hopes to bring some of the InterPlay tools and forms to improv comedy. His other passions include swing and blues dancing, and bicycling.

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