InterPlay Naples

Weekly Zoom group out of Naples Florida
Olaf Elander


Saturdays at 7PM EST/6 PM CT/5 PM MT/4 PM PT/11 PM UTC

Every Saturday, all are welcome to join InterPlay Naples for a one hour playful experience of spontaneity in a safe and supportive environment. All from your own home over Zoom!

Saturdays at 7 PM EST/6 PM CT/5 PM MT/4 PM PT/11 PM UTC

Here is the Zoom meeting information (click on the Meeting Id):

Meeting ID: 817 7838 0832 Passcode: NaplesFun!

At Interplay Naples, we play with being present, getting to know each other with an easy focus. Using Interplay’s improvisational movement and voice activities, we notice and explore our body knowledge, and encourage affirming human connection. All activities are invitational, and it’s always okay to watch or take a break. We love the way Interplay offers skills and “ways of being” to help people flow in the world with more ease and grace.

Olaf is a certified InterPlay Leader and a long-time Tai Chi practicer (Yang Family Hidden Tradition). He has taught InterPlay in California, Montana, and now Naples, Florida.

Cost: Free (please consider donating to InterPlay.Org)

Registration/Information: Just click the Meeting Id link and join the Zoom session!


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Olaf Elander
Olaf tasted an early increment of InterPlay at the Graduate Theological Union in the late 1980's. He returned to InterPlay in 2008 as one of the weekly Oakland men's group initiators. Olaf became a certified InterPlay Leader in 2017 and has led groups in Missoula Montana, and now in Naples, Florida. He has an interest in men's work and has led Men's InterPlay sessions himself and with other male leaders. Olaf facilitated work-life balance classes in the corporate world bringing parts of InterPlay to the information technology culture. He believes that InterPlay is to 21st Century spirituality what 12 Step has been to 20th Century spirituality. Whee!!

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