Embodied Practices in Supportive Community


unlock the spiritual wisdom of your body
Jane Siarny


2nd Mondays 9:00 - 10:15 am PT (11am CT, noon ET)

SpiritPlay is grounded in the practices and tools of InterPlay.

These experiential practices or “forms” help us to unite body, mind, heart and spirit through creative expressive forms of movement, voice, story, connection and stillness.

InterPlay tools such as the Physicality of Grace or Easy Focus help us to integrate the gifts of embodiment into our daily lives.

By playing creatively with spiritual themes, we can more fully discover what practices work best for us and often find deeper connections to spirit.

With the support of community, we are accepted for who we are and honored for the inherent wisdom within each of us.

Donations of $5-25 per session are gratefully appreciated before or after the sessions.
Please visit PayPal.Me/JaneLSiarny
Mail check to: 611 Mosedale St. St. Charles IL 60174

Cost: $5-25

Registration/Information: Contact Jane at interplaychicago@sbcglobal.net or call: 630/715-8590


Online Classes

Jane Siarny
Jane Siarny is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit through creativity, community building, and body-wise practices. For me, InterPlay opens the door to an integrated spiritual practice that allows for freedom and growth. Throughout my dance career and yoga teaching I have found InterPlay to be the one practice where I can express all of myself; body, mind, heart and spirit. The Online Dance Chapel is one of the best ways for me to consistently share the transformative power of InterPlay. Jane also is the InterPlay Life Practice Program Coordinator, has led numerous Life Practice groups since 1999, and is a Mentor & Facilitator in the InterPlay Leader Training Program. Jane’s story can be found in MOVE: What the Body Wants by InterPlay co-creators Cynthia Winton-Henry with Phil Porter.

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