An InterPlay Adventure


Bilha Birman Rivlin and Lisa Laing


October 13, 27 and November 3 and 10 (5 - 7 PM Eastern US)

This 4 session offering emerged out of our love for stories and deep-felt trust that the heroes of old stories hold within their fantastical adventures, wisdom relating to the inner life we each experience.The metaphors, archetypes, and structures in these unfolding adventures are seeded as universal guidance for our own inner journey. Perhaps you have been cast under a spell, are navigating the dark forest or underworld, or are encountering the monster? Where is the treasure you seek and how do you earn it? We will explore the timeless themes of the hero/heroine journey and discover how these legends, myths and fairy-tales inform our own journey through play and imagination, in sneaky deep ways. In each session we will dive into various aspects of character(s) in YOUR story: the call, task, initiation, landscapes, obstacles, antagonists, allies, tools, magical powers and treasures. All inviting a shift in self-realization and transformative experience-held within playful, supportive InterPlay community.

Cost: $80.00 (PayPal or Venmo or Venmo Lisa-Laing-4)

Registration/Information: Lisa Laing 860/964-0481 Bilha Birman-Rivlin


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Bilha Birman Rivlin
Bilha Birman Rivlin, PhD, has been a theatre professional for over 30 years as an actress, director, puppeteer, story teller, and teacher. She earned her PhD from the Theatre Department at Wayne State University, where she wrote her dissertation on the creative process and the path of transformation. 

Bilha is a long-time practitioner of Insight Mindful Meditation (IM), and has been teaching IM along with Buddhist practices and philosophies for over a decade. 

Bilha’s journey with theatre, drama, improvisation, and IM practices allow her to explore life’s present moment in its kaleidoscopic forms of expression. The integration of Dharma, drama and the creative play is Bilha’s guiding passion and contribution to her teachings. It is her path to the soulful life we all aspire to live. 

”InterPlay moves me to communicate what I feel with myself and others by improvising my presence through words, sound, movement, connection and stillness.” -Bilha Birman-Rivlin
Lisa Laing
Lisa Laing is a Certified InterPlay Master Leader, fitness professional and Certified Cancer Wellness Specialist. She incorporates the practices and forms of InterPlay in each of these aspects of her career. Lisa has brought InterPlay to incarcerated women at York Correction Facility in CT, interdenominational clergy groups, as well as students at The Juilliard School, Yale Divinity School and Southern CT State U. Lisa co- developed and co-leads an ongoing cancer wellness group, Hope Is Power, very much informed by InterPlay. Lisa co-leads the InterPlay Life Practice Program and Secrets of InterPlay in the northeast with both Katrina Browne and CC King and is an InterPlay Leader Training Mentor. She has served on the InterPlay Body Wisdom Board. "I am blessed to be a part of this world-wide community of creators, instigators, healers, nurturers, adventurers, huggers, grace-operatives, activists, artists; InterPlayers All!"

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