Chicago, IL

Caroline Kisiel

Certified InterPlay Leader

Caroline Kisiel is a Certified InterPlay Leader and an Associate Professor in DePaul University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, where she guides adult students in the arenas of adult learning, creativity, travel studies, writing, research, and study abroad opportunities. She teaches and applies the InterPlay system and forms in many of her undergraduate and graduate courses at DePaul. She has been an InterPlay practitioner as well as an educator in college and university settings for 25+ years. She has designed courses and taught in the arenas of adult learning and training and development, and has taught the application of creativity and InterPlay practices to workplace relationships and culture, diversity concerns, team building, leadership, organizational change, and presentation skills, in both onsite and online settings. While living in the UK from 2003-2008 she facilitated an ongoing InterPlay workshop for graduate students, and she served as the Regional Contact from 2003-2013. Caroline has done master’s work in interdisciplinary arts, humanities and cultural studies, and PhD work in travel literature. She is interested in how InterPlay can create more easy focus in academia, and loves how the magic of InterPlay can help others to unlock their own stories and make connections – both live and online – with contact and ease.

Chicago, IL
United States

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