Candler, NC

Devi Wetterer

Life Practice Program Leader

Certified InterPlay Leader

Devi Wetterer is a transformational facilitator, Ishaya Monk, Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School and InterPlay Leader with a passion for leadership in self-expression, creativity, spiritual development and inner awareness. She has dedicated her life to personal and spiritual evolution through varied spiritual traditions. She brings her love for social artistry, performance art and improvisational play as an Artist, Poet, Facilitator and Playgroup leader. Devi is founder of Sacred Residency, dedicated to women discovering their divine feminine essence, their inner magnificence and brilliance that resides within and empowering women as leaders sharing their unique gifts and talents with the world so in need of their medicine. My prayer is that each of us fully embody our divinity while constituting an intimate partnership with our soul, our body, with nature and life itself. Devi also enjoys being a Physical Therapist as well as a Healing Arts Specialist. Her background in the healing arts led her to the discovery of her hidden talents for improvisation and embodied movement for individual and communal transformation. Devi describes herself as “an artist in residence, seeker of truth, fascinated by the day to day wonders of life dancing the joy of being and discovering more of the inner glow that resides in all of us. “Play and being in nature is where I find beauty and grace."

37 Mieko Drive
Candler, NC 28715
United States

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