Cheverly, MD

Liz Lescault

Certified InterPlay Leader

Liz Lescault, a visual artist and sculptor, has practiced, exhibited and taught art for over 40 years. Liz founded the DC Open Gathering and continues to coordinate the Open Gathering for the DC InterPlay community in and around the metropolitan area. Liz is a member of the DC InterPlay Organizing Body. She leads Open Gathering days and organizes and leads workshops regionally and nationally, online and in person. Liz also leads Art Lab and InterPlay for Smith Center and the Healing Arts. S In 2021 Liz received an honorarium to lead a workshop for the Phillips Collection.  Formerly, Liz, was a hotline crisis counselor, for various suicide prevention lifelines and The Trevor Project providing help for LGBTQ youth in crisis and the Prince Georges County Homeless Hotline. Liz has also led InterPlay for elders with chronic illness and cognitive disabilities at Iona Senior Center in Washington DC.

3030 Crest Avenue
Cheverly, MD 20785
United States

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