Dousman, WI

Lucille Contorno

Certified InterPlay Leader

Lucille Contorno enjoys InterPlay so much she decided to participate in the leader's training program. She has a BA degree in Math. Education and a Masters in Theological Studies. She loves to combine teaching InterPlay with spitituality as well as teaching InterPlay without frills, that is, as it is. She has participated in unintensive weekends in Minneapolis, Kenosha, and Chicago and has been involved in the life-practice and leader training programs with the Chicago community. Lucille has created and taught InterPlay classes in Wisconsin and Arizona and looks forward to sharing her love for InterPlay with others in her community. People say that Lucille's warm smile and welcoming leadership approach encourages trust, creates ease in others, and provides an atmosphere in which participants are willing to enter in with less self-consciousness. They also say her light-hearted fun loving leadership style makes InterPlay enjoyable for them as well.

Dousman, WI
United States

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