Missoula, MT

Linda Lee

Certified InterPlay Leader

Linda has been co-leading InterPlay in Missoula, Montana on Fridays for six years. She first discovered InterPlay at a New Year's Eve "Untensive" with Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter in 2010 and decided she had to learn how to facilitate this wonderful practice. Linda has incorporated InterPlay at large conferences and offered sessions to staff at non-profit organizations. She has also worked as a massage therapist, community organizer, supervisor of a large public health program and an organizational consultant. With InterPlay, Linda has responded to a personal calling for embodiment, deep connection, creative expression and more fun. She thoroughly enjoys sharing InterPlay and all of it's wonderful surprises. She plays well with others!

10850 Grant Creek Rd.
Missoula, MT 59808
United States

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