East Chatham, NY

Annie-Rose London

aka A-Ro

Certified InterPlay Leader

Annie-Rose London (they/she) is a social artist who seeks to create raucous experiences of joy and pleasure to counteract systems of oppressive mind control. They draws together the fields of ecological design, community arts, and social justice through facilitation and performance. Their earnest irreverence is inherited from a lineage of Jewish and Queer healers. They have called themself a performance artist, a clown, a ritualist, an educator, an activist – today they call themself happy to meet you! They are currently a Leadership Facilitator at LifeLabs Learning, supporting organizational change through stronger people-leadership skills. It's been a joy to bring InterPlay to large and small organizational settings! She has served as the executive director of Berrett-Koehler Foundation and a facilitator with InterPlay, The Arts and Social Change Jam, and Earth Activist Training Social Permaculture Trainings.

100 Shoreview Drive
East Chatham, NY 12060
United States

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