New York, NY

Darius Burroughs

Certified InterPlay Leader

Brooklyn born freelance filmmaker and video editor I use visual alchemy to inspire connection. An engineer of sound, light and movement, I simplify it down to a matter of listening. My background in storytelling and the social justice practicum have allowed me to bring together elements that would otherwise not have been combined, pushing boundaries to evolve. I believe at its core, filmmaking coalesces with storytelling to evoke sacred expansion and emotional response. As a facilitator I look to open lines of communication that tap into the body and the mental process. I aspire to build as many paths possible to get to the core of simplicity and creativity. I have educated in the city, guided group excursions in the wilderness of upstate New York and have jammed with amazing musicians throughout the country; all of which to connect and go deep.

116 Henwood Place
New York, NY 10453
United States

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