Milissa Link

Certified InterPlay Leader

Milissa is an active, engaged leader and follower in the Twin Cities InterPlay community. She has found InterPlay to be profoundly transformative and healing since the death of her first husband in 2014. Certified as a leader in 2024, 10 years after that profound loss, she helps others move with their joys, sorrows and aspirations through life's evolution. Milissa has an extensive background as a yoga and meditation teacher, teaching classes and leading retreats internationally. She created an early childhood yoga program for at-risk children called Peaceful Preschooler and continues to teach within the Minneapolis immigrant community. She is also a craniosacral therapy practitioner and energy worker. Milissa currently leads playgroups in St Paul, MN and will offer private focus sessions as part of her healing arts practice. In the warmer months Milissa offers Tree Play, a chance to play in a natural setting within an hour of St Paul.

United States

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