International Week of InterPlay 2020

Sat, Oct 10 Sun, Oct 18, 2020
Free parties, performances, classes, and events in locations all over the place!

Celebration, connection, and fundraising on behalf of InterPlay

Free classes and events will be offered over the course of more than a week originating from all over the place! Come and play! Hear the exciting story of InterPlay and consider joining the Giving Wings Society to help provide long-term support for the movement!

We will lift up the amazing ways that InterPlay is embodying life, creativity, community, awareness and hope all over the world. The highlight will be the Giving Wings Party on Sunday, October 18.

Free classes & events originating from all over the world!

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Shabbat Dance Chapel of the Heart   Bilha Birman-Rivlin

Play in the Face of Uncertainty   Susanna Pain

Second Saturday with InterPlay Atlanta   Atlanta InterPlay Leaders & Leaders In Training

PoP Upz (Power of Play Upliftment on Zoom)   Carolyn Renee & Christine Gautreaux

BIG BODY STORIES: Inviting Your Whole Self to Arrive   Lisa Ward & Judith Valerie

Soft-Body Slam   Stan Stewart

Wondrous Witnessing: Digital Party and Performance   Will Pettway and Agnotti

Campbell's Ceilidh   Mairi Campbell

Dance Jam II   Liz Lescault and Mike Perz

InterPlayful Dance Chapel   Cynthia Winton-Henry

Radical Self & Community Care   Sheila K. Collins, P.hD. & Christine Gautreaux, MSW

SpiritPlay facilitated by Betsey Beckman

Interfaith Dance Chapel   Rehana Tejpar
Playing with Chants—a Chance to Uplift!   Trish Watts

Embodiment Conference Workshop on Dance: Ancient Medicine of the Body Politic   Cynthia Winton-Henry

Storytelling & Exformation   Phil Porter

Interfaith Dance Chapel   Ruth Schowalter & Canan Arikan

Interfaith Dance Chapel   Nancy Zoelzer Pfaltzgraf

God, Sex, and Power: 1992 Wing It! Performance Watch Party   Cynthia Winton-Henry, Phil Porter, Amar Khalsa and Wing It! members

Interfaith Dance Chapel   Coke Tani

Playing with Two Wings—Grief and Gratitude   Trish Watts & Tony Hole

Playing with the Acapella App   Jonathan Leavy

InterPlay Community Performance / WING IT! Performance   Phil Porter

Global SIS Celebrates International Week of InterPlay   Canan Arikan & Ruth Schowalter

Video Dances On Behalf Of and Embodied Ritual   Leah Mann

Flying with Your Imagination   Sukhmani Kohli and Vibhuti Aggarwal

PRE-PARTY to GIVING WING PARTY   Phil Porter & Cynthia Winton-Henry

GIVING WINGS PARTY   Phil Porter, Cynthia Winton-Henry & others!

Centered in Our Hearts   Donna Mazzola, Ruth Garwood, Joan Greenwood

Spirit Play   Jennifer Denning & Deb Heirs

Sacramento / Davis InterPlay 30th Anniversary Celebration!   Bobbie Bolden, Lucy Bunch & Katie Hymans

Letting the Body Reflect Our Stories   Sophia van Ruth, from the Netherlands and Australia

SpiritPlay for Everyone: Creative Play & BodySpirit Renewal   North Carolina Triangle leaders

Weekly Women's Gathering   Annie Goglia and Susan Main