Even Once Will Do It

Evaluating InterPlay

A data-driven study measuring the immediate effects of InterPlay on several measures of well-being.

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InterPlay/Body Wisdom, Inc. has published a 16-page report called “Even Once Will Do It,” an evaluation of the immediate effects of InterPlay on 11 aspects of well-being. The results were clear: an overwhelming number reported positive responses even after just one experience of InterPlay.


In this study, more than 700 participants in 62 events with 28 different leaders responded to 11 statements related to well-being like “I feel more energized,” “I feel more creative” and “I am more hopeful” on a 1–7 scale after participating in a single InterPlay event. On each of the 11 statements 80-94% rated their agreement with statement as a 5, 6 or 7.

We also asked participants to describe their experience afterwards in one word of their own choosing. The top five responses were “fun,” “peace,” “joy,” “relaxed” and “happy.” In the report you will see a word cloud graphically representing the responses, with the larger words showing greater frequency.

In further evaluation of the data, we compared those who were new to InterPlay to those with previous InterPlay experience. The responses were still overwhelmingly positive, even though experienced InterPlayers reported slightly higher responses.

This demonstrates that InterPlay can still have a significant effect on well-being, even if a participant is new to InterPlay. 79% of new people reported a positive response to the statement “I can see ways to use InterPlay in my daily life.”

Finally, comparisons were made between those who chose to attend an InterPlay event and those who might have been compelled to participate as, for example, an expectation of their job. The data shows that choice does make a difference, but that even for those who “didn’t sign up for it,” responded positively to the questions. 61% of those required to attend reported that they could see ways to use InterPlay in their daily lives.

The report also includes demographic information about respondents, lists of leaders and locations of events, a copy of the questionnaire and tables of the results in numerical form.

You can read the report online or download a pdf version. You can also order a free copy by calling 510/465-2797 or emailing office@interplay.org to give us your mailing information.

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You can download a 1-page 2-sided pdf with the word cloud on one side and the basic set of graphs on the other.