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International Week of InterPlay 2022

Sat, Oct 22 – Sun, Oct 30, 2022

Free FUNdraiser of events, workshops, performances and more!.

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Make a contribution to sustain community joy through a sense of belonging...

International Week of InterPlay is an amazing opportunity for those curious about InterPlay to come experience the magic, it is also for the short/long-time InterPlayers to experience the incredible leadership. Come and join this free FUNdraiser where we will be sharing about the Giving Wings Circle, people who incrementally contribute to transforming the world through play, joy, ease, and connection. Giving Wings members who are major sustainers of this amazing transformational practice, make a 5-year pledge with a monthly contribution of $25, $40, $100, etc.


The week will culminate in an International Performance co-directed by Agnotti and Carolyn Renée with technical direction by Ade Anifowose. Come to enjoy stories and hear about InterPlay's incredible impact on the world and the lives of many. Register for a zoom link and more info! Save the Date: October 30, 2022 at 2 pm PT / 3 pm MT / 4 pm CT / 5 pm ET

International Week Offerings—More to come!

Playing with Words with Terence McCarthy
We Can Have It All & Leave the Rest with Spruce Krause
Vitamin InterPlay with Lucy Young, Sharie Bowman & other Leaders
Radical Self & Community Care with Sheila K. Collins
Naples InterPlay with Olaf Elander & Jeff Breting
Womb Revelations “Reclaiming Your Sacred Vessel of Creation” with Devi Wetterer & Christine Gautreaux
Thursday Dance Chapel with Nancy Zoelzer Pfaltzgraf
The DOBO—Dancing on Behalf of with Cynthia Winton-Henry
Wisdom, Sensitivity, and the Prime Directive: An Introduction to the Art of Ensoulment with Cynthia Winton-Henry
Dancing Hand: Where Movement and Art Meet the Playground of the Heart with Ruth Schowalter
October InterPlay Online Global Sustaining Sisters (SIS) with Canan Arikan & Ruth Schowalter
Big Body Stories Livestreamed with Randy Newswanger & Phil Porter
Storytelling & Exformation with Phil Porter
InterPlay as a Social Technology: the Fun and the Facts with Kate Amoss and Sharie Bowman
We Are Not Alone with Donna Mazzola, Eef Kolkman, & Ruth Garwood
Playing with Falling with CC King
Queer InterPlay with Randy Newswanger & Agnotti
Playing with Friends Beyond Borders with Hazel Lobo & Trish Watts
Knowing, Not Knowing, and the Gifts of Curiosity with Ade Anifowose & Jennifer Denning
Poetry in Motion with Liz Lescault and Mike Perz
Community Vocal Play with Janet Jones
BIBOLOVE International Intergenerational InterPlay with Soyinka Rahim and Vibhuti Aggarwal
Stories from the Heart in Movement: InterPlay Chicago Performance with Agnotti & Will Pettway
White Bodies' Role in Democracy (a part of the monthly White Awake Affinity Space) with Katie Hymans & Christine Gautreaux
Bubbly Babbling Brook with Me-Again
English Language Playshop: "Want more confident, less clumsy talking?" with Ruth Schowalter, English language and play wizard. Host & assistant: Meg MacLeod
Group Focus Sessions with Marla Durden + Coke Tani
Hip Hop Dance Chapel with Marla Durden
InterPlay Europe Gathering with Ade Ade Anifowose
The Practice of Savoring with Ginny Going & Tom Henderson
Story as Movement and Sound with Liz Bradford and Mike Perz
Embodied Flow: Allying with Your Inner Ease with Monisha Mittal
Introduction To Valarie Kaur's Revolutionary Love Compass with Wai-Chin Matsuoka and Karen Hatch
Women's InterPlay: Come play as you are! with Annie Goglia
Around the World with InterPlay with Olaf Elander & Jane Siarny
Laughter: The Best Medicine with Carrie
Ancestor Prayers of Blood and Bone + Dia de Muertos Celebration with Marla Durden + Maria Garcia
SoulShine Sanctuary with Marla Durden

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International Week of InterPlay 2023

Sat, Oct 14 - Sunday, Oct 22nd, 2023

Free FUNdraiser of events, workshops, performances and more!

Register for International Week of InterPlay! Get all the updates about what will be going on during this extended week of fun.

Make a contribution to sustain community joy through a sense of Sacred...

InterPlay is an organization that has been changing lives for over 30 years by unlocking the wisdom of the body through movement, storytelling and voice.

We are having a FREE FUNdraising on October 14th - 22nd with over 40 online and in-person events!

Come find out about this incredible practice by registering for this free week of InterPlay:


Register TODAY!

During these events, there will be an invitation to support InterPlay, an organization that has been changing lives for over 30 years!! We will be raising funds so that people around the world can feel connected to the wisdom of their bodies as well as feel connected within a sacred community, by being seen, felt, and heard. InterPlay is in so many places and is a worldwide movement that offers:

-Practices that provide tools to activists

-Transformative play in educational settings

-Ritual spaces where people can move and dance with their grief

-Racial Equity Mini-Grants

-Loving Container Focus Session for Black Indigenous, People of Color who are experiencing grief

-Liaison stipends to support leaders who are producing compelling and profound programming

-Scholarship support for skilled and talented leaders (it takes around $4,000 for one person to complete the Leader Training program and we provide generous scholarships for all who need them).

And so much more!!!

Please consider coming to the week and supporting more transformational play in the world! Invest in the change you want to see in the world, by contributing to a body-wise future!