Change Your life! Change Your World!

InterPlay Life Practice Program in Oakland

with the co-founder of InterPlay
Phil Porter and Soyinka Rahim

Oakland, CA

Fridays 7–9 pm & Saturdays 9:30 am – 6 pm • Feb – June 2018

The InterPlay Life Practice Program is an active, creative way to change your life and change your world. Immerse yourself in the system of InterPlay—ideas and practices that can move you from where you are to where you would like to be. Enjoy this special opportunity to be mentored by InterPlay co-founder Phil Porter and InterPlay leader and performer Soyinka Rahim.

•  Unlock the wisdom of your body!

•  Have more fun!

•  Decrease stress and increase ease.

•  Make wiser, more grounded decisions.

•  Thrive by getting body, mind, heart and spirit to all work together.

•  Find easy ways to change what you want to change in your life: relationships, work, community, home, spirit, body image…

•  Discover your hidden resources.

You will be meeting regularly over a period of time with a group of fellow InterPlayers. You may use this supportive, affirming community to help you shape your life in ways that are best for you. You will get individual attention from the Program leaders who will help you identify your personal desires and intentions.

Download the full Oakland Life Practice Program brochure.


The Program includes six monthly meetings on Friday nights and Saturdays—Feb 9–10, Mar 9–10, Apr 13–14, May 11–12, June 8–9 & June 29–30.

The weekend schedule will be:

Friday 7-9 pm
Saturday 9:30-noon; 1:30-4 pm; 4:30–6 pm

The program usually begins with the Secrets of InterPlay, which took place in October 2017. If you didn't attend that event, you may still enroll for the program and take Secrets later in Oakland or another location.

Repeating the Program

Anyone who has taken the Secrets of InterPlay, the Life Practice Program or a previous version of those programs, can repeat this event and the Life Practice Program at a significant discount. Download the Oakland Life Practice Program brochure for full details.

Cost: $2150 which includes tuition for Secrets of InterPlay/$700 for repeaters

Registration/Information: Call the InterPlay office at 510/465-2797 to register. Contact Phil Porter at the same number for more information.



2273 Telegraph Avenue (at 23rd St.)
Oakland, CA 94612
InterPlayce is the center of the InterPlay universe. The offices for Body Wisdom, Inc. are also located here. The building is at the corner of 23rd and Telegraph, one block north of West Grand. It is just a few blocks from the 19th Street Downtown Oakland BART station, and on several convenient bus lines. On-street parking is always available at night and metered during the day. It is also easily accessible by several of the major freeways. Click here for a map.
Phil Porter
Phil is one of the founders of InterPlay. He is a teacher, performer, writer, and organizer. With Cynthia Winton-Henry he is the co-founder of WING IT! Performance Ensemble, and has written several books, some in collaboration with Cynthia, including Having It All: Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit Together Again at Last and The Slightly Mad Rantings of a Body Intellectual Part One. Phil is particularly interested in the use of InterPlay in organizational life, and believes that InterPlay can be a powerful tool to create communities of diversity and peace.
Soyinka Rahim
Soyinka Rahim, founder and director of OurThing Arts Company and BIBOLOVE, is a Certified InterPlay Leader. Soyinka has a long history as a member of the Bay Area's most renowned modern and ethnic dance companies. Her work taps into the power of sound and vibration to create peace and happiness for all humanity. In addition, she created the original, acclaimed Dance Play "An Alter Piece to Alter Peace,” and has worked with passion for intergenerational community in schools and community centers all over the West Coast and U.S. Her work as a conference weaver and workshop leader includes Race Forward, National Association for Independent Schools Teachers of Color, Boys and Girls Clubs, Spiritual Directors International, and the Parliament of World Religions.

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