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Damanhur: Creativity, Sacred Art and Sustainable Eco-Community

Damanhur is... Life in Action - Action through Play - Play integrated into Life

Oakland, CA

Wednesday, June 12, 7pm-9pm

Quaglia, a citizen of Damanhur will lead a special evening to experience Damanhur, Federation of Communities, based in the hills of northern Italy with about 1,000 citizens and members worldwide, active since 1975. Damanhur is a vibrant and evolving community that promotes peace and sustainability, with its own complementary currency system, constitution and schools. The citizens of Damanhur created the underground Temples of Humankind, a vast sacred space dug into a mountain with breathtaking visionary artwork to reawaken the Divine Spark.

This evening at InterPlayce includes experiences of
Damanhurian Sacred Dance
Inner Harmonization
- a sounding meditation
Community building tools like the "Game of Life" - a system of innovation, spontaneity and playful transformation
Mystic Images of The Temples of Humankind
Selfica technology
- activated objects made of metal spirals, inks and colors that enhance well-being and equilibrium
Tree Orientation
- a technique to reawaken our alliance with trees and nature.
Quaglia is the first American citizen of Damanhur where her activities have spanned from Public Relations, ecovillage education, Temple guide, visual artist and spiritual healer with a passion for guiding journeys of awakening through Sacred Dance and Ecstatic Dance facilitation. Quaglia has ethnic origins in Taiwan and China and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. Back in the Bay Area she is bridging communities and creative inspiration which will include InterPlay's Art & Social Change Training.

Cost: $10

Registration/Information: contact Quaglia for more information (415) 755-7868 To preregister call 510-465-2797



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