Play Deeper Into Your Unique Creative Expression!

Body Wisdom for Life!

TraceyJoy Miller

Seattle, WA

Monthly beginning Sunday, September 16th

This unique offering will allow you to…
  • Engage your creativity, movement and self-expression through InterPlay forms. Co-creating an environment where fresh insight and breakthroughs can happen.
  • Your desires and needs determine the forms and content for each session.
  • Allow your self-expression to be playful, silly, imperfect and deeply sincere.
  • Celebrate and embody your humanity.Being fully hunan includes your creativity, movement, stories, emotion, voice and stillness.
  • Offer one another the deep nourishment of being seen and accepted. Being seen strengthens our creativity, healthy risk taking and celebration in community.

  • Meeting Monthly from 1:00pm - 4:30pm:
    • Sunday, September 16th
    • Sunday, October 14th
    • Sunday, November 18th
    • Sunday, December 9th
    • Sunday, January 6th
    • 1

Cost: $350 if paid by September 7th, 2018.
$400 if paid After September 7th, 2018.

Registration/Information: Limited to 12 participants. Contact TraceyJoy to register: or 360-941-8231


Queen Anne Christian Church

1316 3rd Ave W & W Lee St
Seattle, WA 98119
Neighborhood parking. Along 3rd Ave W there is a single door entrance with a stained glass window beside it. Come in that door and go up the stairs and through the double doors to the Fellowship Hall. Wear layers!
TraceyJoy Miller
TraceyJoy was first drawn into InterPlay in 1999 by the playful encouragement of the InterPlay community in the Twin Cities. Initially, InterPlay was an opportunity to have more dance and contact with others (even though she wasn’t a “dancer”). Over time, InterPlay became a community where she could show up “as is” and play with her own creative expression and the content of her life, while being held in positive regard and affirmed by others. InterPlay allowed her to step beyond the limits of who she knew herself to be. She became more playful in her relationships and more resilient in challenging situations.

For the last Six years she and her beloved cat Simon have lived in co-housing on Whidbey Island. It is her passion to create environments where play, reflection, creative expression, insight and growth are likely to emerge. She is committed to being an agent of affirmation and encouragement for authentic expression.

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