Using Art, Movement, Voice, and Storytelling to Connect a Community Practicing Joyful Intention; Adventures in Art and Play

Nancy Moore


Saturday, March 16, 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

“What a fun, and exciting experience - getting to practice freedom of expression, co-creating, letting go of outcome - and offering a gift of art to another person. I experience myself truly as an artistic expression.” Lorrie Using InterPlay forms (, we begin with a warm-up to bring our body-spirits fully present into the studio space. With light hearts we practice movement forms, shape, stillness, babbling, following, leading. Noticing. Witnessing. The simplicity of the forms allow freshness and aliveness. The little bit of InterPlay structure and simplicity allows for a whole lot of freedom and creativity. We take this creativity to the art tables supplied with materials to move, shape, swing, hang, with pencil, watercolor, oil pastels, inks, flowing solo and in partnerships. “ Co-creating with each other ... art conversation.” “Absolute fun using Art & InterPlay for self exploration and delightful community experience.” This playshop is facilitated by Certified InterPlay Leader, Nancy Moore, a local watercolor artist. Visit: or instagram nancymoore_art When: March 16, 1:00pm -3:30pm Location: MAJIK STUDIOS 207 | 207 COXE AVENUE, STUDIO #13 | ASHEVILLE, NC 28801

Cost: $55

Registration/Information: Nancy Moore 828/279-8977



Nancy Moore
Nancy is a watercolor artist, weaving the arts n arts of healing, energy work, and ministry. She leads workshops she calls Image Evoked Storytelling, and is publishing a portfolio of images to initiate storytelling for the beholder.

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