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Phil to Lead ArtPlunge in Pennsylvania

Experience InterPlay’s unique approach to art and creativity. Don’t think of yourself as an artist? It doesn’t matter. InterPlay is an easy, incremental, affirming way to explore the joy of making things. All you need to bring is your willingness.

This event in Bethlehem, PA, June 5-7, 2015 is a reprise of a wonderful event led by InterPlay co-founders Phil Porter and Cynthia Winton-Henry in the summer of 2014 in Berkeley, CA. Phil will be featured leader for the June event.

Pennsylvania InterPlay leader Sarah Carlson has taken the lead in organizing the event in collaboration with Marcella Kraybill-Greggo of Moravian Seminary where the event will take place.

Phil and Sarah will be joined by dancer, visual artist and InterPlay leader Anita Bondi (center).

Room and board are available on campus or you can just come to the sessions themselves.

Get more information and register online…

Anniversary Celebration Raises Inspiration and Funds!

InterPlay is celebrating its 25th birthday, all year long!

We kicked off this Anniversary year on October 25, 2014, with celebration events in Oakland, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Chicago, Goshen, Des Moines, Washington DC, Boston, Seattle and Minneapolis-St. Paul, all connected by live video. Thanks to the magic of Google Hangouts! In the photo you can see the scene in Oakland and along the bottom, images from the other groups that were connected online.

We heard stories of inspiration about how InterPlay’s sneaky deep practices and principles are changing lives around the world. And we heard an inspiring Big Body Story from Phil Porter about how InterPlay is what the world needs right now.

This Anniversary Year is about celebrating all the leaders who have been the catalysts for InterPlay over the past 25 years, and investing in the next wave of InterPlay leadership. We’ll have opportunities to celebrate leaders and InterPlay all year long—with InterPlay stunts, Story Chains, Leaders Gatherings and more!

We’ll also be working this year to raise a special Anniversary Fund of $100,000, in addition to our regular budget, to invest in training and supporting new leadership.

With InterPlayers from around the world pitching in on October 25, we raised:

• $41,280 to kick off our $100,000 Anniversary Campaign, and
• an additional $27,440 to support InterPlay’s ongoing annual activities around the world.

That’s a total of $68,720 on October 25—it’s inspiring to see what we can all do together!

If you missed out on the anniversary launch, don’t worry-there are still lots of ways to play and celebrate this year. Check out the list of 25 Ways to Play in InterPlay’ 25th Year.

Take a look at the YouTube recording of the whole shebang The video is long, so if you want to skip straight to Phil’s Big Body Story, it begins at 1:19:00.

InterPlay is Sneaking Up on 25 Years

Body & Soul circa 1984And the celebrating is about to begin!

This fall, InterPlay will be 25 years old. And we’re imagining a whole variety of ways that the InterPlay community can participate in celebrating. We plan for the party to go on for a good long time. How often do you get to mark such an important occasion?

Watch for details about what might happen during this time of savoring and fun.

A bit of the history...

In the Fall of 1989, Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter offered the first workshop in a process they had named InterPlay.

The two had already been close friends and collaborators for almost ten years in a modern dance company called Body & Soul. Along with their colleague Judith Rock (at right in the photo above with Cynthia & Phil, probably from about 1984), they choreographed, performed and taught together all over the country and even beyond.

InterPlay 25th Year logoThe work that Body & Soul did to explore the wonderful connections between physicality and spirituality was an important precursor to what came next. When Judith moved to New York, the company members went their separate ways, but it wasn&rsquop;t long before Cynthia and Phil reconnected to pursue their continued interest in creativity, revelation, wholeness and play.

They chose to focus on their shared interest in improvisation both as a performance modality and a way of exploring personal and community awareness. So they invited a bunch of their friends to come play (and to pay for it!) and they got together with Leo Keegan and Debra Weir to create the first performance of WING IT Performance Ensemble!

And the fun began.

For the past 25 years, the InterPlay philosophy and technique has continued to develop and grow and now folks are doing InterPlay in all sorts of different cities, states and countries in many different settings.

We will be plotting and planning ways to celebrate. If you have great ideas to add, let us know!

Free InterPlay Sample! Every First Sunday

Every first Sunday of the month, we offer an InterPlay Free Sample. The next one is on Sunday, January 4, 2015, from 2:00-3:15 pm in Oakland.

A free and easy “welcome” to InterPlay! Come for a sample of InterPlay’s passionate, effective approach to changing the world! Easy, fun, life-changing! Learn about the latest and greatest developments in InterPlay and find out why InterPlay has spread around the world.

2273 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612
A few blocks from the Oakland 19th St. BART station.

Read why it might be important to give free rein to your right brain!


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