Release the power of your inherent Movement Styles (Thrust, Shape, Swing, Hang)

Develop & EXPAND Your Movement Awareness Abilities!!

Focus-Action-Experience! Expand YOUR toolbox!

Asheville, NC

Friday, May 4, 1:30 - 4:30 PM

This workshop will introduce how the ‘Coordination Patterns & Dynamics’ movement training, as developed by Betsy Wetzig, can integrate the movement-mind-body link into your deepest self.. This is designed to be freeing and your easiest way to excellence! The workshop will focus on the Styles of Creativity, Awareness and Communication, using movement, music and witnessing. Strengthening /playing with our movement styles in color, form, light and energy, we will use an InterPlay form or two as we explore these 4 Foundational Movement patterns. Betsy will use movement, music, art materials and “pencil dance on paper”. Live music will be offered by Lynda Letourneau, and our mutual witnessing will lead us into creative dynamics. Just like having a pallet of colors for creativity, our body wisdom has a pallet of movement dynamics. Losing all red colors to paint would be like losing our Thrust Dynamics. What colors are unopened in your tool box? Our freedom of awareness, creativity, and communication would be greatly diminished. Most people, through “being correct”, fear, training and culture, lose some dynamics from their pallet, and thus a bit of a sense of wellbeing. By using movement, music, and play on our Dynamics, we can explore and express our personal, familiar pallet and upgrade/expand our Style and Awareness. Betsy Wetzig is a movement researcher, choreographer, educator, and originator of Coordination Pattern™ Training, Psyche-Soma Dynamics and Full Potential Learning, Co-author of Move to Greatness: Focusing Four Essential Energies for a Whole and Balanced Leader. – and so much more! See:

Cost: $30 pre-registered; $45 at door

Registration/Information: Betsy Wetzig; 610-398-9652 or


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Asheville, NC

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