Tune in to your body wisdom about race, racism and whiteness

Waking Up White

Katrina Browne

Washington, DC

Saturday, February 16, 10am - 3pm

Do you want to contribute with more clarity, courage and love to racial justice and healing? Do you want to show up in more powerful and grounded ways – for people of color, for other white people, for yourself – as part of the process? Do you seek more embodied practices, wisdom and support as you make your way on this path? If yes, then come on along!

This workshop will use InterPlay forms to explore race, racism and whiteness. It's an invitation to let your body wisdom open up more awareness of your hopes, fears, and evolving personal racial journey, as well as open up ancestral awareness.

Cost: $40–$65 sliding scale

Registration/Information: Register/pay at the door or to pay in advance by Paypal send to browne.katrina@gmail.com (and/or contact Katrina with questions).


Seekers Church

276 Carroll St. NW
Washington, DC 20012
Katrina Browne

Katrina produced/directed "Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North," an Emmy-nominated documentary (PBS: 2008) that follows her family as they uncover the role of their Rhode Island ancestors – and the North more broadly – in the transatlantic slave trade, and as they grapple with racism and white privilege today. She works as a speaker, facilitator, and trainer in schools, churches, museums, conferences, and workplaces around the U.S. and overseas. She focuses especially on “racialized emotions” and how to engage white folks.

She is excited to bring her dancer self together with her race work. She is among the InterPlay leaders who are co-conspiring to use InterPlay tools for racial awareness and healing. Katrina leads/co-leads whiteness workshops as well as interracial workshops, with an InterPlay framework, and also in collaboration with Afro Flow Yoga, and the Dance Exchange. Katrina has been a certified InterPlay leader since 1998.

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