Men, Women & the Dance of Colleagues

Empowering & Supporting Each Other
Ginny Going and Tom Henderson

Washington, DC

Saturday, April 13, 2019, 9:15 am - 4:00 pm

Gender roles and expectations have changed significantly in our life times. The impact of these changes has often been confusion, misunderstanding and disconnection from each other. This workshop is an invitation to men and women of good will open to creating new models of colleagueship between each other in all areas of life (work, play, friendship, family, committed relationships) and willing to engage in open and honest dialogue with each other as they seek to achieve this goal. Using InterPlay’s powerful, embodied forms and a descriptive model of male-female interactions, we will envision and practice ways for men and women to empower and support one another.

Leaders: Ginny Going and Tom Henderson are partners in marriage and in Colleagues Consulting. Both are experienced group facilitators and master InterPlay teachers. Their interest in gender reconciliation grows out of their personal experiences of gender conflict and wounding, and their vision of a new "dance" between men and women called “colleagueship".

Cost: $60

Registration/Information: Send payment to Peter Kent, 6827 4th St. NW, Washington, DC 20012. Make checks payable to DC InterPlay


Seekers Church

276 Carroll St. NW
Washington, DC 20012
Ginny Going
As a recovering serious person, I consider InterPlay my 12-step program and my life practice for having more ease and grace. I've worn a variety of vocational hats in my life and currently describe myself as a community artist, bodyspirit mentor and InterPlay leader. I love offering people the "big body" tools of InterPlay for telling their stories, especially people on the margins of our communities. I am also passionate about embodied spirituality, engaging people in prayer and worship forms that include and honor the body through movement, stories and song. With my partner and husband Tom Henderson, I teach and lead retreats in a variety of settings.
Tom Henderson
Tom is a certified InterPlay leader, community artist, organization development consultant and retired pharmaceutical chemist. With his wife, Ginny Going, he is co-owner of Colleagues, a business dedicated to enabling individuals and organizations to thrive. Ginny and Tom also co-direct Off the Deep End Ensemble, an InterPlay performance company founded in 1997.

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