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Wednesday Morning PlayGroup

Friends moving at the Friends Meetinghouse!
Celia Swanson, Becky Myrick, Hannah Mitchell, Marty Roddy, Heather Baradan, and Barbra Wiener

St. Paul, MN

Wednesdays on-going 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

Sustain your energy in the middle of the week with this dynamic, fun group of Players! We explore the forms in depth, experimenting and refining our Play. Juicy community!! We are lucky to be at the Friends Meetinghouse, and hope you will join us in that lovely, airy, sunny, spacious space. Doors open right at 10, or a couple of minutes before. Warm-up starts right at 10:15.

Cost: $10-$20 donation suggested (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Registration/Information: Just show up! For info, contact any of the leaders. Contact info is below.


Twin Cities Friends Meetinghouse

1725 Grand Ave
St. Paul, MN 55115
Enter the side door (not the one on the porch). Park on street. The meeting room is on the first floor.
Celia Swanson

Hi! I am one of the many wonderful leaders for the Twin Cities' InterPlay community. You will find me at most of the PlayGroups happening, and I offer classes frequently.

I am a wildly happy, playful and energetic person, with much to offer anyone who wants to enter into a spirit of creative play with me!

I frequently teach introductory InterPlay classes, and I am also available to teach specialized workshops and courses, and to offer coaching in personalized sessions using InterPlay, including:

**Life Coaching (my company is "Playing With Blocks". I help you figure out ways to move past the things that get in your way of what it is you want.)

**Creative Writing

**InterPlay singing and music making

**InterPlay storytelling/Big Body Stories

**Developing your artistic spirit (especially watercolor painting)

**Spiritual development

**Creative healing, energy and body work/InterPlay Reiki

**Positive body image practice

**InterPlay performance skills

**Acting workshops.

I can also customize any sort of workshop, class or personalized session you might want. Please contact me if you are interested in taking an introductory InterPlay class, or wish to hire me to lead a workshop! ( Let's PLAY!!

Becky Myrick
I am a long-time InterPlayer (over 20 years). My upbringing was in South Africa. I have a love for lively African music and movement. I love to teach InterPlay combined with energy healing practices. I also offer individual sessions and retreats. Each person I work with amazes me with their ability to expand and grow in love, joy and life purpose!
Hannah Mitchell
Marty Roddy

Marty Roddy has been creating all his life: writing and telling stories, dancing, singing, creating connections with individuals and social movements and designing ritual for many types of communities and events. InterPlay allows him to combine all his passions in helping unlock the creative power within each body and within the GroupBody of communities large and small.

His formal education includes undergraduate work in Literature and Peace Studies at Clarke College, as well as graduate work in Theology and the Arts at United Seminary of the Twin Cities. He was introduced to InterPlay in 1996, is a Certified InterPlay Teacher offering many types of classes and workshops, and performs with SoulPlay Performance Ensemble.

As a teacher he shares an abundant heart and encouraging wisdom, knowing that all bodies are full of beauty and playful soul.

Heather Baradan
Heather Baradan (aka Gigi) likes to say that she works in "The Joy Department". She is a life-long student and teacher of many healing modalities, including laughter, play, spiritual deepening and flu shots.
Her final paper for her bachelor's degree in religion was on Earth-Based Spirituality.
For her doctorate in pharmacy, it was on the "best medicine" - LAUGHTER!
And for InterPlay it was... wait... no final paper required!
Just prepare for Joy!
Barbra Wiener

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