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InterPlay & Body Wisdom, Inc.

Body Wisdom, Inc., is the not-for-profit incorporation that coordinates InterPlay activity. The national InterPlay office is located at “InterPlayce” in Oakland, California.

InterPlay/Body Wisdom
2273 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612
fax: 510/836-3312

Reporting Hurts, Harms, Disagreements, or Conflicts

If you have experienced a hurt/harm or a disagreement/conflict in an InterPlay setting, you may get community support for dealing with it if you choose. Read more...

Body Wisdom, Inc. Staff

Co-Founder   Cynthia Winton-Henry

Co-Founder & Co-Director   Phil Porter

Administrative Director   Angela Urata

Coordinator for Integrity & Innovation   TBA

Development Director   Agnotti Cowie

Administrative Assistant   Lucia Poole

Liaison to People of Color   Carolyn Renée

Liaison to International Leaders   Masankho Banda

Racial Equity & Transformation (RET) Committee Coordinator   TBA

Liaison to Emerging Generations   Tere Zorich

Life Practice Program Coordinator   Jane Siarny

Leader Training Program Coordinator   Ginny Going

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The dance studio at InterPlayce as it was being created in 2004.