The InterPlay Life Practice Program

Programs beginning soon!

Check out the schedule for the “Secrets of InterPlay” and beginning dates for programs on the right of this page.

Also, if there is no Life Practice Program offered near you, check out the Long Distance Life Practice Program below.

Unlock the wisdom of your body!

  • Have more fun!
  • Decrease stress and increase ease.
  • Make wiser, more grounded decisions.
  • Thrive by getting body, mind, heart and spirit to all work together.
  • Find easy ways to change what you want to change in your life: relationships, work, community, home, spirit, body image.…
  • Discover your hidden resources.

The InterPlay Life Practice Program is an active, creative way to change your life and change your world. Immerse yourself in the system of InterPlay—ideas and practices that can move you from where you are to where you would like to be.

You will be meeting regularly over a period of time with a group of fellow InterPlayers. You may use this supportive, affirming community to help you shape your life in ways that are best for you. You will get individual attention from the Program leaders who will help you identify your personal desires and intentions.

Although some previous experience with InterPlay is encouraged, there are no prerequisites for taking part in the InterPlay Life Practice Program.

Download a pdf brochure with general details about the Program or click on the locations in the list to the right to get specific details about that particular program.

Elements of the Life Practice Program

  • “The Secrets of InterPlay,” a multiple-day retreat presented in several locations each year where you will be immersed in the InterPlay philosophy and practice. Find out when and where “Secrets of InterPlay” retreats are happening in the column to the right.
  • A series of meetings with your Life Practice Program group for play, presentation, discernment, and interaction, where you will have a chance to explore new options in a supportive community (usually eight monthly sessions Friday night through Saturday or four bi-monthly sessions Friday night through Sunday).
  • Three focus sessions during which you receive personal support from the program leaders to get more of what you want.
  • Reading and writing assignments which will help you apply InterPlay insights to your own life.
  • A Self-Study of several of the elements of the InterPlay system that will give you a more in-depth understanding of how InterPlay works.


The tuition for the InterPlay Life Practice Program is $2250. A $100 deposit reserves your place in the Program and a payment of $450 will be due when you register for “The Secrets of InterPlay.” Both of these payments apply to your total program tuition. The balance of the tuition can be paid all at once or in installments over time. Depending on where you attend the Secrets of InterPlay there may be additional costs for food and/or lodging for that event (not included in the total tuition price.) More about easy ways to pay for the program.

Bargain Prices for Repeaters

Repeat the Program at a huge discount if you have previously completed the Life Practice Program (or as it was previously called the InterPlay Leadership Program). Find out more!

Program Locations

Check out the lists (above right) to find out where programs are about to begin.

The Life Practice Program was first offered 17 years ago by InterPlay co-founders Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter. It is now offered in many different locations in the United States and in other parts of the world. Over 1000 people have graduated from the program in the United States and Australia.

The Self-Paced Life Practice Program

Consider the Self-Paced Life Practice Program! This version of the program includes the InterPlay Tools Online, Secrets of InterPlay (check the column to your right for upcoming programs) and 3- or 4-day retreats we call Untensives offered across the country and around the world. You would also be connected with a mentor who you would meet with either in person or by phone. Contact Jane Siarny at or 630/715-8590 to see how you might take advantage of this program.

What are Graduates Saying About the Life Practice Program?

“This shift in my being has been nothing short of miraculous. Where there was resistance, there is willingness, where there was density, there is breath, where there was confusion, there is now clarity.” —Jennifer, graduate student (Seattle, WA)

“InterPlay® forms have enabled me to approach hard places indirectly, with lightness, ease and humor…” —Kylie, physiotherapist (Perth, Australia)

“I have one word to summarize the Program after my graduation day: YES!” —Stan, computer expert and musician

More commendations from grads about the program.

“Secrets” Events and Life Practice Programs

Check dates to see which Life Practice Programs are upcoming and which have already begun.


Aug 5-16
Agnotti Cowie, Tere Zorich, and Karen Rodriguez
Chicago, IL
Sep 20
Jennifer Denning, MSW and Christine Gautreaux, MSW
Atlanta, GA
Jan 20-Jun 16
Monisha Mittal, Douglass Farnum, and Kate Amoss
Washington, DC
Jun 4-Jul 31
Trish Watts
Apr 2
Sharie Bowman, Jane Siarny, and Agnotti Cowie
Online, ONLINE

Easy Ways to Pay for the Program

Tuition can be paid in manageable installments over time if you choose. We encourage participants to pay for the program in the 9-12 months that it takes to complete the program. We are also open to other payment plans that are affordable for you that may extend over a longer period of time. Your deposit and/or tuition checks can be made out to “Body Wisdom, Inc.” and sent to 2273 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland CA 94602. You may also use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) to enroll in the program and to make monthly tuition payments by calling the national InterPlay office at 510/465-2797.

Repeat the Life Practice Program at a greatly reduced cost!

Renew your life with the wisdom of InterPlay! Find new challenges. Get support for making changes in your life. Have more “sneaky deep” fun!

Graduates of previous years of the program make take the InterPlay Life Practice at a greatly reduced rate. The Program is an excellent setting for ongoing mentoring, personal development and community support. Repeating only the “Secrets of InterPlay” retreat is $350 (not including any costs for food or housing). Participating in only the Life Practice group sessions is $800. If you wish to do both, tuition will be $1100.

More from grads about the InterPlay Life Practice Program.

“InterPlay® taught me how to enter into the mystery of relating to people body-to-body, soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart, no words required.” —Bob, computer systems administrator

“My spirit has been awakened and my true self has emerged with gusto!” —Carol Ann, pastor

“InterPlay is the perfect place for me to express what’s been inside me all my life. I don’t have to hide anymore.” —Duke, builder “Coming to InterPlay is like coming home! It’s like giving birth to my true self; finally having permission to claim all of me for the very first time in my life.” —Alison, community activist (Brisbane, Australia)

“Personally, I was humbled by this experience. I came away feeling more connected to the world.” —Dyck, general contractor

“The InterPlay community is built around a respect of radical diversity. Everyone’s difference is applauded and enjoyed. One of the great gifts of InterPlay to people is that they are more able to embrace their own uniqueness, and then also graciously to accept that in others.”
—Rod, artist and organizer (Sydney, Australia)