At the InterPlay Leaders Conference in RacineFinal Push for Counting Connections!

The 3-year process of counting InterPlay connections will come to a close on September 30, 2012. InterPlay leaders are busy counting up connections that they have ben accumulating, so expect the number to rise dramatically through the end of the month. (We’re going to be hounding folks with emails reminding them to log their connections!) We are well over 300,000 now!

Counting connections has helped remind us that each time we share a bit of InterPlay, we are adding a bit of ease and body wisdom to the world. It has also let us see the variety of places that folks have taken InterPlay!

The Campaign Goal

  • Make a million connections
  • Raise a million dollars

In September of 2009, Body Wisdom, Inc., launched the 3-year The Million Connections Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to create one million InterPlay connections by the end of 2012.

Each time InterPlay is shared, either in small ways or big, a healthy connection gets made that strengthens the web of peace and understanding in the world.

We’re also going to raise $1 million to support three major$1M initiatives: spreading InterPlay regionally, creating outreach opportunities to take InterPlay where it is needed nationally and internationally, and to build a solid foundation for InterPlay into the future.

Dowload the Million Connection Campaign Vision and Plan.

What Counts?

What counts as a connection? In general terms, a connection is anytime a bit of InterPlay happens between two or more people.

  • Could be a small bit or a big bit.
  • Could be an overt bit or a sneaky bit.
  • Could be in person or electronic.
  • Could involve using a form, or just sharing a tool or idea.

Download some connection counting guidelines.

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Members of the Board of Body Wisdom, Inc. have made personal commitments to incremental giving over time and invite others to do the same. What transformation could take place in locations around the world as InterPlay expands and grows?

In particular, we invite those who are able to make pledges over a 5-year period. Those who make a pledge of at least $40 a month for 5-years can become members of the MORE STORIESGiving Wings Society, a group of InterPlay supporters who have made generous pledges to helping the spread of InterPlay.

InterPlayers know a lot about power of incrementality—taking small steps toward a larger goal—and also about long-term commitment. That is the way that real change happens.

If you would like to become a member of the Giving Wings Society or make a contribution of any size, call InterPlay Development Director Theron Shaw at 206/683-5898 or email him.


Connections Count



Connections made beginning Sept. 30, 2009.


Some recent stories about sharing InterPlay

Randy NewswangerMarcus LiefertRandy Newswanger and Marcus Liefert used InterPlay for a class they were taking at Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, CA. They did a side by side big body story about how the story of the life of Moses intersects with our own life stories.

Barbara Toshalis used InterPlay in her psychotherapy practice in Michigan to listen to body wisdom and receive grace.

Laurie RudelLaurie Rudel used InterPlay to create a house-leaving remembering and blessing with a family in Seattle.

Steven GarySteven Gary led a group of Alzheimer's patients in Seattle using several different InterPlay forms in Seattle.

Marree Haggerty led a weekend workshop in Bathurst, New South Wales (Australia) where 14 women danced, sang, were still and silent through the theme “Women’s Quest for Wholeness.“

Pwll Tyler used some InterPlay forms to relax her piano students and their parents at the Spring Piano Recital.

More stories!

Email us with your connection stories or add them as you fill out the simple connection log in form.

Watch this video about InterPlay in India.

Once the video starts, click on the movie image twice to see the video in full screen.

Why $1 Million?

To create more connections…

because InterPlay can make the world a better place—allowing people to find their fullness and their freedom, building the stronger communities necessary for the health of our planet, helping people connect with each other peacefully and playfully.

The world-wide InterPlay community will:

  • expand the reach of InterPlay by building up lively regional InterPlay activity
  • take InterPlay into communities where it is really needed where people may not be able to afford it through visionary outreach projects nationally and internationally
  • put together the building blocks that will support the hours and hours of personal time and commitment contributed by those who are committed to sharing InterPlay in their communities.

Download the whole story about the vision of the Million Connection Campaign.

Gretchen in IndiaUsing InterPlay to Create Connections

Here are a few stories of InterPlay leaders who are using InterPlay to make powerful connections in the world as part of the Million Connections Campaign.

Dorothy Finnigan

The Saint Mary’s Center Hope and Justice Peer Board meets once a week to discuss issues facing the homeless and low income seniors of West Oakland. For half an hour of their hour long meeting I led them in a warm-up, babbling, and ’I Could Tell You About.’

Harriet Platts

I used the “I could talk about” primer to invite bereaved family members to share something about deceased loved one that they could talk about during a funeral planning meeting.

Krista Harris

I led a 75 minute InterPlay event focused on affirmation and play at Kindering, a facility that supports families with disabled children. I led a sibshop for female siblings, ages 7-11, (of disabled children) and their moms. We were celebrating the "normal" child and making extra special time for her with her mom. It was great!

Read lots more stories about InterPlayers making connections.