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The InterPlay Podcast Launch: February 29th

The InterPlay Podcast

Hosted by Christine Gautreaux, MSW and Tere Zorich

We will be streaming live on February 29th!

12:00 NOON PST | 2:00 PM CT | 3:00 PM ET

On our Body Wisdom/InterPlay Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn Page, -and then the episodes will be available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Explore the intricacies of personal embodiment practices, delving into the inner workings of the body through InterPlay and other somatic practices.

Join engaging conversations that unravel the secrets of self-understanding and learn about the tools that foster a sense of belonging.

Connect with community leaders who impart the transformative power of play, shaping a space where the joy of communal interaction takes center stage.

Tune in to these dynamic discussions, where the exploration of the self meets the wisdom of the group, weaving together the threads of personal growth and shared experiences.

PRESS RELEASE: Dance on Behalf of Peace

DOBO Peace InterPlay

Oakland, CA - InterPlay/Body Wisdom, Inc. is proud to announce Dances On Behalf Of Peace, an extraordinary 11-day event that will take place from February 19th to 29th.

This event is a collaboration of arts and peace-loving organizations, called into a "circle of peace" by InterPlay/Body Wisdom and aims to promote connection and healing from individual to individual and community to community through sharing dances on behalf of peace.

Dances On Behalf Of Peace is designed to empower people to connect with themselves and their community through the power of dance, supporting inner and outer peace and the physicality of grace. This unique event seeks to create a space where individuals and communities can come together, using languages of the body to explore and express peace in its many forms.

The event will feature inspirational talks, meditations, and peaceful wisdom from our collaborators. There will be time for community sharing, where participants can come into a community of peace and join others who are honoring body-wise and peaceful practices. Participants will experience the physicality of grace and a sense of well-being, which are our birthrights and the opposite of stress.

Dances On Behalf Of Peace is free of charge, and everyone is welcome. The event will be a global tapestry of voices, stories, and experiences that we share with each other. Participants will experience the power of embodied prayer to enliven their inner and outer world.

For more information about the event, please visit

**About InterPlay

InterPlay/Body Wisdom, a non-profit arts organization, stands at the intersection of Improvisational Arts, Spirituality, and Social Justice.

An active, creative way to explore the wisdom of the body, interPlay is easy, fun, and life changing. It is based on a series of incremental “forms” that lead participants to movement, stories, silence, song, ease and amusement. In the process, we discover the wisdom in ourselves and communities. InterPlay integrates body, mind, heart and spirit. It fosters resilience, creativity, innovative thinking and community.

For more information, please send email to Christine Gautreaux

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The InterPlay Podcast Launch: February 29

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