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Reclaiming Intergenerational Joy and Resilience
Lissa E


6:15-7p EST Third Thursday of the month

*It is said that trauma as well as resilience are passed down intergenerationally. There can sometimes be an emphasis on the negative qualities we inherit as opposed to all the supportive qualities we also inherit. What does it look and feel like to center reclaiming intergenerational joy and resilience alongside healing intergenerational trauma to benefit those who have already come and those who are still to come in our lineages?

*Practices of liberation exploring the intersects of care, dharma, play, joy, and justice. Offered in a trauma-responsive way where folks are encouraged to take care of their bodies and needs throughout the practice.

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Lissa E
Lissa (they, them) is a certified meditation, yoga, and qigong facilitator as well as a somatic integrative mental health nurse practitioner with over thirteen years of experience in nursing, mental health, and embodied practices. Lissa guides practices that are compassionate, trauma-responsive, and racial and social justice oriented for the wellness and liberation of all beings. Lissa is particularly moved to work with populations less likely to have exposure or access to contemplative practices.

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