Movement, Stillness and Rest

Movement Meditation for Women of Color

Time to simply be as we are
Kelsey Blackwell


July 9, August 13, Sept 10, Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec. 10 (11 a.m. PT)

In connecting to ourselves we open possibilities for sensing and feeling. This listening connects us to "more of ourselves" and supports taking actions from deeper knowing.

During this 60-minute virtual gathering, I'll lead us through a centering practice and a guided movement practice. We'll then move our bodies as we feel for a song or two and then have time for optional sharing.

Come as you are -- pajamas, unshowered, bedhead, we're all in this together. Also know, this gathering welcomes all children and pets -- especially if including the family is the only way to get a moment for yourself.

Cost: FREE

Registration/Information: Zoom Meeting ID: 812 4897 5900 Password: 567963


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Kelsey Blackwell
Kelsey Blackwell is a somatic coach, writer, and facilitator committed to fearlessly creating spaces for WoC and women to trust and follow the wisdom of their own bodies so they may powerfully shine their lights in a world that sorely needs this brilliance. Follow her at

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