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Celebrating the Creative Spirit

Exploring the Imagination
Liz Lescault and Mike Perz

Online, ONLINE

Monday July 13, 7-8:30 pm EST Please be on time but know that you can leave whenever you wish.

Come and spark your imagination and play in community. We will tell our stories, move, dance, sing and witness others. We are all of us artists, at core. We are creative beings that play with our world, change it and rearrange it. That is what it means to be human. Together we will find ways to explore new possibilities, expand our creative potential and live artfully.

All are welcome whatever your level of experience. No-one is turned away for lack of funds.

Cost: $10-$15 to




Online, ONLINE
This will be an online event which could originate from anywhere in the world and would be open to anyone around the world.
Liz Lescault
Liz Lescault is founder and director of the DC InterPlay Open Gathering Program and works on special events and DC InterPlay workshops with Kate Amoss. Liz is a member of the DC InterPlay Board, manages the InterPlay DC Facebook page and helps administer the InterPlay DC website with Mike Perz. Liz leads Open Gathering days, workshops, and leads InterPlay for elders with chronic conditions and cognitive disabilities at Iona Senior Center. Liz is a sculptor and art teacher. Liz exhibits widely in both solo and group exhibitions. Besides art, her passions include dancing, gardening, yoga and kayaking. 
Mike Perz
Mike is a certified InterPlay leader and leads regularly for the InterPlay DC Open Gatherings. Currently he is leading InterPlay on Zoom. He also performs on an improv comedy team at Dojo Comedy. He has been incorporating/adapting improv comedy exercises into InterPlay forms and hopes to bring some of the InterPlay tools and forms to improv comedy. His other passions include swing and blues dancing, and bicycling.

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