Bodywise Pactices for Pandemic!

Move to Greatness

Nancy Pfaltzgraf

Seattle, WA, ONLINE

Saturday, March 13th 10:00 to noon

Swing - Hang - Thrust - Shape!

We play with these basic ways our bodies move in every InterPlay Warm-up. But did you know that these movements and the energies behind them correspond to the ways we live our whole lives? Did you know that overusing or underusing any one of the energies can make life more difficult? Did you know that each of us has an energy home base -the place where we are most comfortable and the energies we access most easily? Did you know that when we access all four energy patterns at the right time and in the right amounts we become more whole and balanced leaders and find more ease in our lives?

Drawing on the wisdom of Ginny Whitelaw and Betsy Wetzig and their ground breaking book, Move to Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies of a Whole and Balanced Leader, this class will help you understand how the energy patterns can assist you in your life and work.

$25 (or pay as you can)

Cost: $5-$25 Sliding scale (No one turned away because of lack of funds.Please register.)

Registration/Information: Sharie Bowman at


Online Seattle

Seattle, WA, ONLINE
Nancy Pfaltzgraf
Nancy Pfaltzgraf has been joyfully leading InterPlay classes and retreats in local and national settings since 2006. Having discovered InterPlay and the Life Practice Program helped her discover ease and joy in her professional life as the pastor of progressive Christian congregations. Her experience as an RN and a Hospice Chaplain has also given her a unique perspective on the way InterPlay can relieve stress and empower people in the helping professions to live and work with more grace and ease. Since leaving pastoral ministry it has been her delight to continue to offer her gifts through Body Wisdom - Deep Play groups for helping professionals, Retreats and Untensives, InterPlay Life Practice programs, Online Body Wisdom Tools classes, online classes and untentsives focusing on the Move to Greatness wisdom and an Online Interfaith Dance Chapel. Nancy holds coaching certification using the FEBIĀ® [Focused Energy Balance Inventory] and Appreciative Inquiry and delights in both one-to-one and group Soul Coaching. Although her home base is in the Chicagoland area, her mastery of online communication forms allows her to serve people wherever they are. All this allows her to fulfill her life mission to "lead with love, follow with trust and dance with joy with those ready to step into the life-giving rhythms of grace".,

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