A day of love and healing

The Grace of Small Things

Body Wisdom for Soul-Tending
Marla Durden


Saturday, October 2nd, 10am-4pm PDT

Join us as we remember the tender gifts of our Soul, by playing with the small simple things that give us the greatest joy. Give yourself a day to remember your gifts, release what blocks them, then celebrate and begin to embody the being you were always meant to be. Incorporating the body wisdom tools of InterPlay and the practices of journaling, immersive meditation and contemplation, we will remember what is real and important, making space for what nourishes our Soul. Expect to have fun and partake of the nourishing waters of poetry, great music and meditation journeys. Leave knowing more fully, what nourishes your Soul and with great practices and tools to support your beautiful journey.

Cost: $60-$100 sliding scale

Registration/Information: Marla Durden | ModernRootWoman@gmail.com | 206/414-9009


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Marla Durden
Marla came to InterPlay at the end of 2016 and has never stopped playing. She immediately began performing and was certified as a leader in May 2021. Marla is an alchemist, artist, energy shaman and coach who uses her gifts to create experiences that support personal empowerment, healing and transformation.

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