Secrets of Leading InterPlay • Online April 20-23, 2023

Step into the InterPlay Leader Training Program
Agnotti Cowie, Ginny Going, Theresa Cunningham, and Carolyn Renée

Online, ONLINE

April 2023: Thursday, April 20 at 12:00 pm ET thru Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 3:00 pm ET

The Secrets of Leading InterPlay is a multi-day workshop and the first component of the InterPlay Leader Training Program, which leads to becoming a certified InterPlay leader. It is open to those who have completed or are close to completing the InterPlay Life Practice Program. In order to attend Secrets of Leading, you must enroll in the Leader Training Program at the same time you register for this event. (See below.)

The Secrets of Leading provides an overview of the InterPlay system and covers the underlying structure and philosophy of InterPlay:

~How are the forms taught? How do they work together?
~What is the ultimate outcome or effect of using InterPlay forms?
~How do you decide which forms to use at what times?
~How do you deal with people you find challenging?

The workshop includes presentation, interaction, and play.

Schedule April 20-23, 2023
Thursday, Friday, Saturday:
12:00 pm – 5:45 pm ET
Sunday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET

The Secrets of Leading is an integral part of the InterPlay Leader Training Program. We ask that participants commit to attending all sessions of this four-day event. Should an unexpected life event prevent full attendance, participants will be expected to listen to recordings of the sessions missed.

Diversity is a great gift in the InterPlay experience. Based on our commitment to Racial Equity and Transformation (read our statement here) and our understanding of other structural and personal inequalities that exist, Body Wisdom is committed to making our programs financially accessible. Financial considerations need not be a barrier to your participation. Financial support and flexible payment plans are available. To apply for financial assistance, email

Tuition for the InterPlay Leader Training Program is $1600. A $100 deposit is required to enroll in the Program, in addition to the $400 for the Secrets of Leading. Another $400 payment will be due when you register for a Teaching Practicum, at which time a payment plan for the remaining $700 balance will need to be set up with the Body Wisdom office. (Automatic monthly payments can be set up by credit card through the Body Wisdom office or you can arrange that automatic checks be sent by your bank.)


April 20-23 Secrets of Leading InterPlay
ONLY $200

* Refresh your InterPlay leading skills
* Take part in Racial Equity & Transformation sessions
that are now an important part of this event.

Continuing Education Credit
Up to 15 CE credits for various healthcare and allied healthcare professions are available for those practicing throughout the U.S. and for educators only practicing in Illinois. CE pre-registration is required before the start of your event. Email Ginny Going at to APPLY for CEUs. There is a charge of $25 per program. CEUs are offered through Continuing Education Institute of Illinois.

The next step after attending Secrets of Leading will be to register for the Teaching Practicum. Please check here Leader Training Program for more information on how to continue your Leader Training and to watch for the next available Teaching Practicum.

Cost: $400 for Secrets of Leading plus $100 to enroll in Leader Training Program (Previously Certified Leaders $200)

Registration/Information: For registration questions, email Lucia at; for financial assistance, email Angela at



Online, ONLINE
Agnotti Cowie
Agnotti Cowie (they/them) attended the first ever “Art & Social Change: InterPlay for Millennial Leaders” in 2010. Since, she joined InterPlay’s national board as well as becoming a certified InterPlay leader. Agnotti facilitates workshops worldwide employing a variety of pedagogical techniques such as InterPlay, Theatre of the Oppressed, Devising, puppetry and clown. Currently they are based in Chicago where they lead workshops in schools, organizations and with social movements including as Co-Artistic Director of Opera-Matic, bringing participatory arts to public spaces. Recently, they have taken their work around the globe teaching InterPlay workshops in India, Germany, Australia, and Chile.
Ginny Going
As a recovering serious person, I consider InterPlay my 12-step program and my life practice for having more ease and grace. I've been InterPlaying for 27 years and have watched the blooming and spread of InterPlay all over the world with gratefulness and delight.

For the past 13 years I've been immersed in the development and growth of the Leader Training Program and currently serve as the program coordinator. I love offering people the "big body" tools of InterPlay for telling their stories, especially people on the margins of our communities. I am also passionate about embodied spirituality, engaging people in prayer and worship forms that include and honor the body. It has been an amazing experience to participate in and teach InterPlay in many places around the world.

Currently the Leader Training Program is being reshaped to integrate Racial Equity and Transformation into all aspects of InterPlay leader training. This is truly an exciting and exhilerating time to be part of the world-wide community of InterPlay!
Theresa Cunningham
Theresa Cunningham is an award-winning actor, singer, dancer, director, and teaching artist who does math for fun. A Certified Interplay Leader, she believes in the power of play as a tool for exploration, healing, and community.
Carolyn Renée
Carolyn Renée Morris (she/her) is a teaching and healing artist with more than a decade of service/experience in the creative and healing arts. She’s the former executive director of the ArtsXchange, a 37-year-old art and social change organization, and Alternate ROOTS, a 44-year-old social justice organization lifting up art as activism in the Southeast USA. Carolyn Renée is committed to the pursuit of art and social justice, health, and well-being for BIPOC on the frontlines of advancing justice. She is a certified InterPlay Leader and in 2008 became a health and wellness practitioner to heal herself from an illness which led to combining the healing and creative arts. With InterPlay, she creates Sacred Space for BIPOC and partners with USA/Ghana-based A Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute to ensure every home has an engaged artist/healer. She goes by “Carolyn Renée.”

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