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InterPlay Asheville playgroups

Lynda Letourneau, Nancy Moore, Amy Smith, Lorrie Streifel, Joy Hughes, and Leroy Petunia

Asheville, NC

First Saturday of every month

InterPlay Asheville welcomes all to gather and improvise, using forms for movement, story, voice, and stillness. We have a growing community who enjoy once monthly playgroups, where we affirm all people, in all ways. If you enjoy connecting with others, in ease and playfulness, and are open to creativity and fun, come and join us. You are welcome, and warmly received!

Cost: $8-20 sliding scale

Registration/Information: Lorrie Streifel at 828-712-4471


Haw Creek Commons

315 Old Haw Creek Road
Asheville, NC 28805
Lynda Letourneau
I have been exploring Interplay incrementally for about 15+ years. I lead a class intermittently and particularly like to lead a slow, steady class that has a theme. I'm interested in paying delightful attention to my own body wisdom and leading others to do the same. I work as an occupational therapist primarily in a rural Home Health setting/ communities. I'm on a long learning curve on how to sneak InterPlay into my life and work. I've also been doing DOBO at funerals and weddings for friends and loved ones.
Nancy Moore
Nancy is a watercolor artist, weaving the arts n arts of healing, energy work, and ministry. She leads workshops she calls Image Evoked Storytelling, and is publishing a portfolio of images to initiate storytelling for the beholder.
Amy Smith
A hospice chaplain and InterPlay leader, Amy knows first hand the challenge and joy of working with high-end empathy and sensitivity. Amy is gifted, compassionate, a sensitive body with somatic and InterPlay training, massage therapy, and more.
Lorrie Streifel
Joy Hughes
Leroy Petunia
Leroy Petunia (gay/gem/ger) has been following the breadcrumb trail of ger wildest birthrights since gay were wee. Leroy found InterPlay when ger roots began cracking through the plastic pot of external authority, and gay realized that joy was both the path and the compass of ger life's purpose. Gay believe play is the key to staying on that purpose-full path, as well as an offering in the Divine courtship of collective liberation.

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