Get your prayer groove on!

HIP HOP Dance Chapel!

Dance Church... with an attitude of gratitude and celebration!
Marla Durden

Online, ONLINE

F I R S T >> WEDNESDAY of each MONTH | 9-10 AM PT

Y'all ready to get your embodied prayers on, with an attitude of gratitude and celebration? Join me for some soulful, praiseworthy dance church, as we celebrate the divine in each other and all things!

This space is offered on a donation basis through Cynthia Winton-Henry's Hidden Monastery. sacred space to safely be with what they are experiencing.
Come explore the dance chapel for an hour.

Light a candle
Invoke intentions for family, community, and world.
Breathe and warm-up your dancing spirit.
Notice, move, share grace and gratitude.
Hear and share poetry and music.
Dance on behalf of others.
Find community and resources.

>>>F I R S T WEDNESDAY of each month, 9-10am PSTĀ  + that's 11am-12pm CST | 12-1pm EST

FOR INFO Call or Text Marla at (206) 414-9009
email for weekly invitations.

Cost: By DONATION to

Registration/Information: Contact Marla at 206/414-9009 or email



Online, ONLINE
Zoom link will be provided after you schedule an appointment.
Marla Durden
Marla came to InterPlay at the end of 2016 and has never stopped playing. She immediately began performing and was certified as a leader in May 2021. Marla is an alchemist, artist, energy shaman and coach who uses her gifts to create experiences that support personal empowerment, healing and transformation.

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