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Loving the World All Over Again 2024:

A Gathering for DC InterPlayers

Billy Amoss, Kate Amoss, Douglass Farnum, and Liz Lescault

Germantown, MD

May 3 - 5, 2024

Friday: 6:30pm - 9:00 pm(includes dinner)

Saturday: 9am- 9pm (includes three meals, and downtime)

Sunday: 9am-1pm (includes two meals)

"Anyone can slay a dragon, but try waking up everyday and loving the world all over again. That's what takes a REAL hero." Brian Andreas

Whether you are new to InterPlay, or you've been around a long time, join us for the magical medicine that is InterPlay. We will eat healthy delicious food and weave community, all in the beautiful natural surroundings of Wellspring Retreat Center. Be a REAL hero and show up to fall in love with the world all over again through moving, sounding and telling stories together.

COVID POLICY: Testing immediately prior to the event is required. Masks optional.

Cost: $350 for a single room with meals; $290 for a double room with meals. Some scholarship money is available.

Registration/Information: Kate Amoss - Full registration requires a down-payment of $100


Wellspring: The Conference Center at Dayspring

11411 Neelsville Church Rd.
Germantown, MD 20876
16 bedrooms, three cabins that have 3 beds. Shared bathrooms, and showers, in each cabin.
Billy Amoss
Billy has been a certified InterPlay leader in the Washington, D.C. area for over 20 years. He delights in the power of InterPlay to bring us fully alive. Billy is the Executive Director of RVF, a DC-based non-profit development organization that finances and manages international children's health programs.
Kate Amoss
Kate Amoss, MA, LCPC, is an InterPlay Teacher and Professional Counselor in private practice. Trained in archetypal depth psychology, she has an abiding curiosity in all things hidden below surfaces -- deep roots, bedrock truths, neuro-biological processes, ancestral antecedents, and ancient cataclysms. For her, InterPlay has offered the best toolbox of forms and practices with which to excavate the mysteries of ourselves and our world. She uses applied InterPlay with clients in groups, workshops, and individually. Since 2005, she has been co-leading the InterPlay Life Practice Program in Washington DC.
Douglass Farnum
Since retiring, play deprived Douglass works hard at doing nothing. He finds that interplay feeds his inner growth and complements his meditation and Non Violent Communication (NVC) practices. After 10 years of dabbling in interplay Doug recently became an interplay leader.
Liz Lescault
Liz Lescault, a visual artist and sculptor, has practiced, exhibited and taught art for over 40 years. Liz founded the DC Open Gathering and continues to coordinate the Open Gathering for the DC InterPlay community in and around the metropolitan area. Liz is a member of the DC InterPlay Organizing Body. She leads Open Gathering days and organizes and leads workshops regionally and nationally, online and in person. Liz also leads Art Lab and InterPlay for Smith Center and the Healing Arts. S In 2021 Liz received an honorarium to lead a workshop for the Phillips Collection.  Formerly, Liz, was a hotline crisis counselor, for various suicide prevention lifelines and The Trevor Project providing help for LGBTQ youth in crisis and the Prince Georges County Homeless Hotline. Liz has also led InterPlay for elders with chronic illness and cognitive disabilities at Iona Senior Center in Washington DC.

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