Body wisdom & heartfelt connection

Art & Social Change - Chicago 2024!

Welcomes the Whole of You
Agnotti Cowie, Tere Zorich, and Karen Rodriguez

Chicago, IL

August 5-16 (weekdays)

InterPlay’s Art & Social Change program is an annual immersion that welcomes the whole of you & gives you a chance to play with grief, joy, resilience, stillness, silliness, creativity, and the well of wisdom that resides within you in any given moment.

For: Millennials & Gen Z, 18-40ish
When: August 5-16, 2024
Where: Chicago, IL
Cost: Sliding Scale $100-$3000

Come together with fellow artists & culture makers to learn the somatic practices InterPlay is rooted in: movement, storytelling, song, and dance, to connect more deeply with your own inner body wisdom & to build heartfelt connection through community. InterPlay as a social movement is dedicated to ease, incrementality, and human sustainability - noticing what feels good in the body, and seeking and creating more moments based on this knowledge. This two week immersion will be an opportunity to deepen connection with other artists and change makers in order to understand our own body wisdom in our creative and change-seeking practices.

Art & Social Change offers a chance to:
• Share and reflect on our experiences as people passionate about the intersection of art and social change
• Plug into a community that cares deeply about the world, the earth, each other, and is a true reflection of what equity means
• Explore the transformative power of play through entirely new and ancient ways of knowing, honoring ourselves and our ancestors along the way
• Tune into our innate artistic gifts, nurture our capacities, and explore what supports us most along our journey of community and social justice

The program takes place August 5-16, Monday through Friday over two weeks with some evening programming
Graduation Celebration on Thursday August 15 at 7 pm
The program ends at noon August 16

The leaders of the program believe that in the face of genocide happening all over the world there is a dissonance of receiving this information & not knowing how to channel the emotions that arise, not knowing how to create effective change in the heart of the imperial core and challenge the country’s funding of these genocides. We hope to incorporate local movements and rallies to shout Free Palestine, Free Congo & bring this message to the so called leaders of the so called free world. Gather with people to share your grief & heartache, strengthen your convictions, feel the hope of community healing, and create collective transformation.

There are limited homestay options that are based on a first come first serve basis.

Lunch will be provided during the Monday-Friday of the program.

Financial Assistance
Diversity is a great gift in the InterPlay experience. Based on our commitment to Racial Equity and Transformation (read our statement here) and our understanding of other structural and personal inequalities that exist, Body Wisdom is committed to making our programs financially accessible.

Financial considerations need not be a barrier to your participation. Financial support and flexible payment plans are available. Please contact Body Wisdom at (or call 510/465-2797), or feel free to speak to one of the leaders of this program.

Fill Out Interest Form HERE
Deadline for interest form July 1
Confirm attendance by July 7
Send a deposit by July 7

If you have questions please contact

Cost: Sliding Scale $100-$3000

Registration/Information: Fill Out Interest Form HERE


Free Street Theater

1419 W Blackhawk St
Chicago, IL 60622
This is in The Pulaski Park field house, 2nd floor. There is an elevator to the theater space. There is free street parking.
Agnotti Cowie
Agnotti Cowie (they/them) attended the first ever “Art & Social Change: InterPlay for Millennial Leaders” in 2010. Since, she joined InterPlay’s national board as well as becoming a certified InterPlay leader. Agnotti facilitates workshops worldwide employing a variety of pedagogical techniques such as InterPlay, Theatre of the Oppressed, Devising, puppetry and clown. Currently they are based in Chicago where they lead workshops in schools, organizations and with social movements including as Co-Artistic Director of Opera-Matic, bringing participatory arts to public spaces. Recently, they have taken their work around the globe teaching InterPlay workshops in India, Germany, Australia, and Chile.
Tere Zorich
Tere Zorich (she/they) is a mixed white/indigenous lesbian of Bolivian & Slavic descent. She is a multidimensional artist & performer whose work operates at the intersection of art & social-emotional learning. They came to InterPlay by way of Latin partner dance and have a deep love for group hive creation through movement, storytelling, ideation, and play. Outside of dance, they love to learn, love to gab, love to act both in the character performance sense as well as the acting out sense, and teach music.
Karen Rodriguez
|she/they| Communications Coordinator for InterPlay since 2023, oversees several aspects of InterPlay's communications, including newsletters, some aspects of the InterPlay website, and the general promotion of InterPlay events and activities. Oakland resident (Occupied Huichin Ohlone Territory), entrepreneur, intersectional feminist, Artivist, Witch, dusk dancer, Tarologist, Reiki II practitioner, astrology apprentice, Non Violent Communication student, writer, editor, and marketing magic maker. Native of Nicaragua, specifically Bilwi on the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast. Joy, play, pleasure, rest and connection are her tools of resistance. Lover of sunsets, rituals, playlists, coffee, herbs, vibes, mental health, therapeutic tarot, and the multiple and infinite ways of existing in an image, a collage, or the words conjured in a poem.

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