connect with self and others through movement and word

BodyWise - InterPlay in Santa Cruz

Come try this heart-opening, expressive practice open to everyone

Santa Cruz, CA

Every Friday, 10:30-noon

InterPlay is an interactive, creative way to unlock the wisdom of our bodies and to connect to self and others. It uses movement, stillness, spoken word, made up language, sounding, and storytelling to access our authentic expression, our mindfulness and our joy. The weekly Friday BodyWise classes in Santa Cruz have been led by Marcia since 2018, where the InterPlay forms she introduces and creates have led to surprisingly fun and meaningful ways to express ourselves. And by witnessing each other in a safe and trusting environment, we experience community and growth.

This Testimonial from Lauren L. captures a participant's experience:

Participating in BodyWise with Marcia was a light-hearted pathway to deep emotional healing for all. Using body movement, improvisation, drama, sound, voice, feeling and mind, we engaged our whole beings in the service of connection to ourselves and others. BodyWise both builds community and nourishes the Self through structured play and interaction. What a gift! Thank you Marcia!

Marcia's bio:

I have a lifetime of experience teaching dance, improvisation, and related classes at the university level and in community settings. I have a Master’s Degree in Dance and am a Certified Laban Movement Analyst. When arthritis stopped me from teaching dance, it also kept me from dancing for nine years. It was only after I moved to Santa Cruz and discovered InterPlay that I was again able to experience the joy of improvisation and dance. I participated in Julianne Rice’s InterPlay classes for ten years, and started leading InterPlay (which I call BodyWise) in 2018.

Cost: $15 suggested donation, all welcome no matter what you can pay. First class free!

Registration/Information: For more information, please email:


Center for Spiritual Living

1818 Felt Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Use the right side entrance, follow the covered sidewalk to enter the building, the Sanctuary is to the left. We meet outdoors when conditions allow.

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