Harness Rage Energy for Personal Transformation & Social Change

Tending the Fire

Making Inner Peace Possible
Karen Hatch and Wai-Chin Matsuoka

Online, ONLINE

2nd & 4th Wednesdays of Sep, Oct, Nov & Dec 7th, 2022; 3:30-6pm PT/ 5:30-8pm CT/ 6:30-9pm ET

Rage and anger are powerful energies that we've  been socialized to tamp down in many of our cultural contexts.  We may compensate with adaptations that don't serve us in the healthiest most life giving ways.  Join Wai-Chin and Karen as we dive into our Body Wisdom and InterPlay tools to play with and examine our anger and rage.  This course is based on Ruth KIng's wisdom shared in her book, "Healing Rage: (Women) Making Inner Peace Possible."

Few recognize the enormous power of rage as a vehicle for healing, or possess the skillful means to transform rage from a destructive to a life-affirming resource. Rage is fuel, the source of our empowerment. When we embrace this brilliance respectfully, rage teaches us how to live, love and heal.

Financial support for this project has been provided by the Racial Equity and Transformation (RET) Mini Grant through InterPlay.

COST: $350 for 7-session course

Payment: You can pay for each session at a time here, or email Wai-Chin Matsuoka at TheRestingPlace@Ymail.com for other payment methods.

Requirement: Purchase and the book "Healing Rage" by Ruth King

Scholarships: The financial support from the RET Mini Grant through InterPlay enables us to provide scholarships to any Black, Indigenous and People of Color on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please email Wai-Chin Matsuoka at TheRestingPlace@Ymail.com for details and payment.

Financial Assistance:If you are don't qualify for the scholarships but still need financial assistance, please email Wai-Chin Matsuoka at TheRestingPlace@Ymail.com for details. We do not want finances to be a barrier to the opportunity to participate in this course.

For More Details and Registration, CLICK Cost: $350; BIPOC with Scholarships;

Registration/Information: Wai-Chin Matsuoka TheRestingPlace@Ymail.com



Online, ONLINE
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Karen Hatch
Karen identifies as both a "free agent" and healing justice advocate and wants to play with everyone! With a background in hospice nursing and youth ministry she is dedicated to being present to the unbelievable beauty of being human in all people across the lifespan. She is particularly committed to racial equity and transformation and is an activist, facilitator, community organizer and student at home in rural Virginia and beyond. Karen is a Certified InterPlay leader and singer/songwriter.
Wai-Chin Matsuoka

Wai-Chin is Singaporean Chinese, who was transplanted to the U.S.A. 35 years ago when she came to do her graduate studies, and met her American-Japanese husband.

She encountered InterPlay in 2012 when Cathy Ann Beaty was moderating the Spiritual Directors International Conference. Totally amazed by the impact of a hand-blessing, Wai-Chin found Jane Siarny in Geneva, IL and was attending classes on and off for several years before taking the Secrets retreat and the Life Practice program in 2018. And even before the end of the Life Practice program, attended the Secrets of Leading in Oct 2018, and completed her requirements in Oct 2020!

She describes herself as a manifestation of Divine Love, and she embodies
Hospitality that welcomes all,
Gentleness that comforts,
Truth that heals and
Compassion that equips, in her life and in service of those who cross her path.

As a spiritual midwife, she companions others on their spiritual path of transformation. As a dancing healer, she facilitates healing through experiential encounters with the Divine Physician and dances on behalf of their wounds and grief, and desires and hopes for wholeness. As a lavish host to the Divine Banquet of Love, Wai-Chin facilitates Soul-Tending Retreats that awaken your desire for deeper intimacy with God, in the same way hors d’oeures whet the appetite for a banquet.

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